Dinner parties aren’t dead. Millennials are just keeping them alive in their own way. Formal gatherings with tucked napkins and finger sandwiches are now kickbacks with Netlifx and pizza rolls. Luckily, Chinet is built to stick with the times.



Fear not, dinner party-inept millennials! Learn the basics of throwing your own shindig with Chinetiquette,
a video how-to guide for modern-day dinner partying. 



Every video from the Chinetiquette series will be hosted online.


Reasons to Host - Instagram Sliders

A lot of today's dinner parties happen around pop culture events like the Grammy's or the premier of Stranger Things.
These slider ads will give our audience reasons to hang with friends and host a function of their own


The Crystal Plate Award - Instagram

When people enjoy a party, they post about it.
Using geolocation, Chinet finds the host and rewards him or her with a digital Crystal Plate Award,
redeemable in-store for deals on Chinet tableware.